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My engagement ring by Hinatathebloom1 My engagement ring :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 5 Me and my fiancee by Hinatathebloom1 Me and my fiancee :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 1 5 Untitled Picture by Hinatathebloom1 Untitled Picture :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 0 Riddick claw blades 3 by Hinatathebloom1 Riddick claw blades 3 :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 4 Riddick claw blades 2 by Hinatathebloom1 Riddick claw blades 2 :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 11 Riddick claw blades XD by Hinatathebloom1 Riddick claw blades XD :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 0 Weirdo alert XD by Hinatathebloom1 Weirdo alert XD :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 0 Senior prom by Hinatathebloom1 Senior prom :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 9 Another day of me being a werido by Hinatathebloom1 Another day of me being a werido :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 0 Cap and gown fitting by Hinatathebloom1 Cap and gown fitting :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 0 After Graduation practice by Hinatathebloom1 After Graduation practice :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 0 Me and a friend by Hinatathebloom1 Me and a friend :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 1 0 Me and a friend by Hinatathebloom1 Me and a friend :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 3 0 me and another one of my friends by Hinatathebloom1 me and another one of my friends :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 0 Me and my friend (I'm the one in the red) by Hinatathebloom1 Me and my friend (I'm the one in the red) :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 2 10 I don't know by Hinatathebloom1 I don't know :iconhinatathebloom1:Hinatathebloom1 0 4


Jack Frost x reader part one The snow day
Jack Frost x reader  part one
The snow day
It was a normal day for you, you just go out of school and you were walking home from school with you two best friends Carder and Victoria.  “IT’S WINTER!!” You yelled with nothing but joy in your voice. “Ya ya we know (name) you haven’t stopped saying that all day.” Victoria commented.  “(Name) your so wearied.” Carder said. “But~ you guys still love me~” you chimed as you grinned from ear to ear. “Of course.” Carder said. “(Name) how you can stand this weather is beyond me.” Victoria said shivering and hugging her self. “Uhhhh I can’t stand this jacket and turtle neck.” You wined. Then you took it of the jacket and the turtle neck leaving  a hunters orange T-shirt on. Carder looked like he was about to have a nose bleed when you t-shirt came up to the top of your stomach. “Ahhh that’s so much better.” Yo
:iconmirathomson:mirathomson 8 4
Dante x Vampire!Reader: My Dark Heart
Mission 1: Escape
***Reader's P.O.V***
        I had lived a long life, being a prisoner to this hell and now I feed upon the blood of demons to survive. My family nearly killed me for what I was, a monster. The ones I loved had passed on into the afterlife while I live an eternal life with pain and sorrow. I am a vampire.
I hurried down an empty street, constantly looking back to see my pursuers behind me were not going to give up on chasing me. "S-stay away from me, please", I cried out to them, but they were mindless demons, what humans call the Seven Sins, one of each sin running after me all because of what I was; a vampire. I turned a corner to see it was a dead end, making me look back at the demons as I slowly took steps back until I tripped and fell. I closed my eyes, waiting for my vampire instincts to kick in as I heard the sounds of gunshots; I opened my eyes to see a man with short white hair, a red trench coat
:iconraven-nught23:Raven-Nught23 48 6
DMC: Dante x Devil!Reader
You sighed as you leaned back in your chair. You looked over at the photo once more, the photo of your target. You were a devil-for-hire, killing targets for money and not once had you failed. This time was different though, your target was the son of Sparda. 
Your client  the one paying you to die the man, told you he would give a fake order to him so he would show up here to fight a devil but instead find you. You tucked a lock of _(h/c)_ hair behind your ear as you heard footsteps nearing. You smirked, it is showtime.
The door swung open so hard it almost broke it off the hinges. You smiled and looked up at the man in front of you, your heart skipping a beat. You had heard a lot of stories about the son of Sparda but none had told you he was this hot! Luckily for you, your main power was the ability to hide your devil scent and you looked human to begin with, so he didn't notice you were a devil.
"Hello," you spoke in a velvet voice, taking him back slightly. He recom
:iconmiskuki:Miskuki 275 27
Nero x Half-demon!Reader: Who am I?

Mission 3- What's happening?
    The days went on and soon it became four months. You learned how to read and write and you learned how to cook a few simple things too. You sat on the couch with Patty and watched some TV. Nero would sometimes leave on a kid's show for you, but it felt nice to watch something else besides those shows. You saw a couple doing something but you didn't understand. They had their lips pressed against each other. Were they trying to eat each other as you asked, "Patty, what are they doing?" She looked at and said, "They're kissing. It's what you do to someone you love"
    "What's love", you asked with a tilt in your head, making her reply, "It's an emotion someone has when they have a feeling for someone. Some people say it's deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid. You'll know the feeling when your around someone" You pointed to the screen and said, "So I could do that to someone I love. Is there a differe
:iconraven-nught23:Raven-Nught23 54 13
Nero x Half Demon!Reader: Who Am I?

Part 2- What are you?
    You opened your eyes to see Nero was still asleep and as you got up, he stirred a bit but fell back asleep while you began to walk downstairs and that was when you felt that the stairs were cold when your foot touched it. You jumped right into Dante, who was still waking when you bumped into him. He opened up one eye and said, "Well good morning to you too" He looked at you and looked at the stairs and asked, "What are ya standing here for?" At first you didn't understand what he asked but realized he was asking why you were up at the top of the stairs and not downstairs, making you point at the stairs and then cuddling yourself as if you were cold. Dante just chuckled and said, "Yeah, those stairs can get cold, babe. We can take it nice and slow" "You better not be flirting with her, old man", Nero's voice called out, making you look at him as he walked towards you and handed you a pair of socks an
:iconraven-nught23:Raven-Nught23 50 10
Nero x Half Demon!Reader: Who Am I?

Part 1: Who are you? was all you could see. Nothing but total darkness as your arms crossed over your upper body and your legs close to your chest. You could hear voices but one sounded soft, gentle, and another word you couldn't describe. The sound of tapping got you to slowly open you eyes to show where you are; you were in water and it was green as your eyes saw someone. The person spoke to you but no words came out, it was muffled by the water when a banging sound broke whatever had you confined in the water. The person in front of you quickly caught you and you saw his face as he took off a dark colored piece of clothing and wrapped it around you as he said, "That was uncalled for" "Hey", another voice said, but this one sounded husky, strong, and deeper then the one who caught you, "It got her out, so don't start complaining about it" You saw the person had white hair, sapphire eyes, now
:iconraven-nught23:Raven-Nught23 90 8
DmC Dante x Reader: Easter
    You've always loved being with your sister and her family on Easter, so you and Dante decided to spend the night with them the night before Easter. The next morning, you woke up hearing Aimee, your sister's four year old, jump up and down shouting, "Auntie(name)! Dante! Wake up it's Easter. Come on come on" Dante rolled over to the girl and said, "Alright, ok, let us get up first, Aimee" With that she ran out as you said to Dante who wanted to sleep again, "Let's get going, Dante" After you got dressed, you felt Dante's hands go around your waist and purred into your ear, "C'mon, babe, why don't we just sleep in" "No Dante, I promised Maria that we would be here for Easter and that's what we're going to do" With that you left the room, leaving Dante as Maria, Michel, her husband, and Aimee, but they all had smiles on their faces about something when suddenly, Aimee shouts, "Happy Easter Auntie" Dante couldn't help but smile at the girl; all day it was games, sto
:iconraven-nught23:Raven-Nught23 27 2
Dante x Sick!Reader: Can't go down! (One-shot)

    You weren't always the one to get sick, even as a little child you rarely missed school due to a sickness. But today was different, and it was a different type of sickness. You and Dante went out on a job and the demon you two fought against injured you by leaving a bite on your arm. The demon, unbeknownst to you and Dante had poisoned you as you pry yourself free from it and Dante shot a barrage of gunfire at it while you sliced and diced it. You got the pay and the two of you headed back to Devil May Cry, but you soon noticed the bite was different from when the demon bit you. It was a different color and figured if you put some rubbing alcohol on it will be ok. When you entered the shop, Dante noticed the bite was different and it clicked in his head why as he hurried to his phone and called Lady. He took you to his bedroom and made you lie down on his bed as you felt your chest get tighter and you soon found it get
:iconraven-nught23:Raven-Nught23 161 8
Vergil's ending! Dante x Housemate! Reader x Vergi
A/N: I LIKE SERIOUSLY AM SORRY. I HAD SOME OF THIS DONE, BUT MY COMPUTER DECIDED TO BE A DICK AND DELETE MY SAVED FILES.... SO NOW, I HAVE TO WING THIS. FUCKIN SHIT.  I like want to cry.... I put so much time into that DX ○^○ __________----------------____________----------------____________-----------------_________------------________--___--_-_-_-_haha facessss
..... Vergil, who was looked confused, but quickly covered it with a smirk.
" What are yo-" You were cut of by his action. He pushed you down onto the bed, and crawled till he was straddling you.
  Your ( h/l) (h/c) was spread making you look like an angel. He didn't want an angel, he wanted...well, you. ; )
    This sudden action of his, caught you completely off guard. Looking up at him you gave a confused look, until you saw his smirk.
You narrowed your eyes at the twin, and scowled. " Get off." He blinked and leaned down slightly raising his eyebrows.
  " Well, I happen to like this pos
:iconkarkaliciousvantas00:Karkaliciousvantas00 76 31
Dante's Ending! Dante x Housemate! Reader x Vergil
~ Alright this is Dante's Ending! I don''t know exactly how this will turn out so dun kill me. Anyway Hope you enjoy!~
                Dante's Ending!Dante x Housemate!Reader x Vergil
  Dante slowly chuckled, nervously, and grinned a smile that said 'whoopsie daisy.'
 " Haha..ha.." He rubbed his neck awkwardly. You rolled your eyes," What do you want Dante?"  You said, slightly angered that he would walk into your room without knocking.
  " Well, I kinda came in here to tell you that.... you're sexy?" He said, but mostly asked in a confused state of mind.  You jerked back in surprised, almost red as a tomato, and looked away.
  His awkward grin turned into one of his devious ones as he saw your reaction. " Yeah! I mean you're so sexy, that we can leave the 'y' and get down to the..."
  He was cut off by you slowly putting your hand to his mouth. " Shh. Say no more. Because if you do, I might end up decapi
:iconkarkaliciousvantas00:Karkaliciousvantas00 71 13
Dante x Housemate! Reader x Vergil Chapter 2
~ Haha bet you thought you saw the last of meh?1! Well you were wrong! haha.... anyway. I'm currently listening to the soundtrack of Bleach ( On the Precipice of Defeat) and leme tell you, It really makes me wanna watch the anime again. Anyhow? This is the second part of the first one... so enjoy!~
You watched as the man with the ( White/brown) hair left to go to the man he called Vergil. You turned and gave your friend the weirdest look that she seemed to have returned. Equally confused about what the hell had just happened, you both turned back as you saw the both of them coming back your way. You raised your eyebrow when you saw that they looked alike. Twins. You shrugged and looked back and forth between the two.
" So this is the person we're buying the house from?" Asked Vergil looking you up and down causing Dante to laugh. " Psh. What gave you that idea? We're sharing the house idiot!" He said laughing at Vergil, who raised his eyebrow even further. ( Or can I make the joke of H
:iconkarkaliciousvantas00:Karkaliciousvantas00 66 15
Dante x Housemate! Reader x Vergil
~ Alright well. I have a newly found ( more like redeemed) love for DMC. However, I wasn't really a fan of DMC5, I decoded to make a Dante x House mate! Reader x Vergil with different endings! Can I get Oh Yeah?! or Can I just get a What What?! Lol Anyhow. I just felt like doing this so yeah! Enjoy! Oh! And I left Dante's hair color out so you can decide if he has white or brown, in case you like one better than the other. ~
  How you met!:
  You were sitting in a bar, getting a drink, while waiting for ( friend's name). She was always the one telling you not to be late, when she was the late one. Shaking you head at the thought of her actually coming on time, like that would ever happen. Not even in your dreams. Or in reality. You cracked a small smile and let a small chuckle out when you thought of how much she would try to make it up to you later on. And speak of the devil, well think of the devil in this term.
 The bar door flung open with a ( f/h/c) standing there,
:iconkarkaliciousvantas00:Karkaliciousvantas00 81 19
Dante Sparda x Reader
How you met:
You and Dante have been going
out for a little over half a year. You first met when you came to
Dante as a client and insisted on going with him to see the creature
that killed your older sibling and wanted to help kill it for
revenge. But when reaching the lair of the beast Dante had saved you
and you felt your heart jump, knowing that this mysterious red clad
man was the one for you.
How it happened:
Dante had been on a mission for nearly
a week and you missed him horribly. So you decided to pay a visit to
his shop and wait until he came home, whenever that would be. A few
days passed at an agonizingly slow pace and there you were in his
chair using your arms and his desk as a pillow. Only to be awoken by
the sound of heavy boots walking towards you cautiously. When hearing
the footsteps stop, you lifted your head with a yawn, only to hear a
sigh of relief “Jeez! ___ don’t do that, I thought you
were an intruder”
Dante said
:iconvampire-knight-fan:Vampire-Knight-fan 83 22
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XVIII - Norway x Reader
~ Without Reason ~
"Your opponent is me."

"Emil Steilsson."
"Emil? . . . " You repeated, the name rolling off the tip of your tongue as your breath came out in puffy clouds. So he . . . was Lukas's brother? At a glance, they might not look much alike, but you could easily spot the similarities. His nonchalant way of speaking, those pair of deep violet eyes, those almost silk-like strands of hair and porcelain skin . . . he was Lukas's dear little brother all right.
You were confused.
From what you knew, Lukas often doted on his little brother and spoiled him rotten, but he was raised by Matthias because of some sort of complication. Why would Emil want to fight you, why would Emil side with Matthias?
"And you're (F/n) (L/n), Sorceress of the Parallel Empire, the witch who broke Lukas's curse?"
You were unsure about the situation. Should you be cautious of this young man or should you relax? You couldn't decide. Nodding your head, you gripped onto your wooden staff in uncerta
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 72 73
Wake the Sleeping Dragon XVII - Norway x Reader
 ~ The Beginning of Everything ~
You panted tiredly, resting your hands on your knees as you quickly observed the situation around you. The Infernal army was coming in hordes to the south and from the looks of it; they weren't planning on holding back. Up at the front lines was the army’s strongest land race -- ogres. If attacked in groups, ogres aren't much of a problem, but these guys were different. They appeared to be much smarter and much more swifter than they used to be. As a result, the militia was struggling with breaking this iron wall.
"There's something weird about these guys." Vlad grunted as he dodged a swinging bat. "They're usually not this difficult to take down!"
A tingling sensation ran down your spine as realization struck you. "Magic..." You breathed out. "Matthias used the magic from the sorcerers he caught to bewitch the ogres."
"Ogre or not, they're no match for my awesome power!" You quickly ducked out of the way as Alfred sent an ogre
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 65 83
Wake the Sleeping Dragon IX - Norway x Reader
~ When the Snow Melts ~
Several weeks have passed since you and Lukas had arrived in Lunitaria. You were first greeted with shocking truths, but you have grown to learn and love your homeland once again. Here in the Luminous Underground, you've met so many new people and creatures and even reunited with old acquaintances. You were certain Lunitaria has become scarred and ugly, but the people and creatures here have proved you otherwise. Ever since Lukas suddenly delivered an impromptu speech on that day the two of you arrived…the future has been looking even brighter than ever. You've been appointed as the representative for the humans in place of Arthur, Alfred, and Davie. It made your heart break knowing that they weren't here to see this, but it also made your heart swell knowing that their wishes were finally being fulfilled.
Lukas…began to look more like a prince every single day. There was a proud leap in his steps, a cunning smirk on his lips, and a new fir
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 57 33


I love how everything looks and how it makes me feel and I'm curious on how you are able to create this with you standing on the floati...



Hey everyone sorry for not being online in a long time but I'm back and ready to write again. If you want to send me ideas for a story you can :)
Happy holidays everyone ^_^
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