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Albert Wesker x Reader ~Part 9~
    You quickly slammed the door and ran to your shirt that was crumpled on the coffee table. You were struggling to get in on, both nervous and embarrassed from the event that you were so graciously blessed with, you currently looked very similar to a four year old who was dressing themselves for the first time, one and head both stuck in your shirt, while the other arm kept waving back and forth in an effort to aid your trapped head. During your struggle you didn't notice the door slowly opening. Wesker chuckled at seeing you extremely flustered because of a you current inability to put on a shirt. He walked up to you and helped you pull down your shirt. Your face was very red and sadly you were a little out of breath from your fight with the devil shirt. Your hands were at your sides, Wesker however was still holding on to the bottom of your shirt with his thumbs and index fingers. His face hinted that he still was very much amused at your current state
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 17 7
Albert Wesker x Reader ~Part 8~
It had been a week since you has visited the Police station, you doctor still had you on medical leave for another two weeks. As Promised Rebecca came and treated your wounds with the herbs she was able to sneak out of the police station, from that your condition has greatly improved. Today Rebecca was suppose to visit again, she had told Chris that she was bringing you some pizza from the restaurant near by that she swore had the best pizza she ever tasted. Chris on the other hand, had been assigned to patrol at night with Barry. Even Claire had things to do, her first day of class was in 3 days so she left early that morning to settle in her new dorm. Every thing felt like it was going away and you were left behind.
    The sun started to set, you were watching it from the small love sofa near the glass door that lead to the 4x5 balcony, a soft blanket was covering your legs that were curled to the side, your hands slowly rubbing a piece of the blan
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 18 5
Albert Wesker x Reader ~Part 7~
    About an hour later you both arrived at the station, should I get down? or should I wait here? Chris only has to turn in a report and then leave, so there is no real reason for me to get down, but if Wesker's there then I could ask him about my current job situation and try to make him ease up on Chris. Chris quickly parked the car grabbed his duffle bag and began to search for the report he needed. As he was searching you slowly unbuckled your seat beat and tried to move your self out of the car, Chris notice you escaping when you opened the door.
    "Woah woah kid don't get out, let me help you, you're a crippled remember?" he jumped out and rushed to your side of the car, a mix of papers stuffed in his mouth and his keys still in his hand along with his jacket, he eased you out of the car seat, locked the car and then helped you walk to the station doors. Its fucken cold, you thought as you shook a few times, Chris must
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 16 5
Albert Wesker x Reader ~Part 6~
    You woke up but for some reason didn't open your eyes, they felt heavy as if someone had put fake eyelashes made of lead on your eyelids. You started to listen, there was the steady beep of a heart monitor, the sound of the news most likely on a near by television from the sound of the white noise that was emitted with it, there was also the sound of heavy rain outside. You took a deep breath, the air was cold and smelled strongly of disinfectant.
    Taking notice of what was on your skin you could tell that there was a blanket on top of you soft pillows behind you, some tape on your inner elbow and the top of your hand that pulled your skin every time you moved, and cold wires rubbing on your chest whenever you took a breath, there was also some bandages on the side of your head but they were small and felt like more like they were stretching your skin that helping it heal. Slowly and with great effort you started to open your eyes, it was so difficult th
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 18 3
Albert Wesker x Reader ~Part 5~
    Currently you and Chris were in your apartment packing your clothes in a couple of duffle bags and big trash bags. Chris was currently on his knees in your bottom drawer right next to your bed packing your bras, socks, and underwear, while you were folding and stuffing your clothes in a large trash bag, you turned around and saw Chris holding up one of your more lacy underwear, looking longer than necessary . 
    "CHRIS!!!" you yelled, he jumped and dropped your underwear his hands in the same location but without your underwear, clearly not expecting to be caught. He turned around with a nervous laugh, a little pink from embarrassment, and started to scratch his head, his shoulders still tense and raised, "he he yeah kid?". You stood their with your hands on your hips an annoyed and irritated look on your face, the scene resembled that of a mother catching her son doing something his wasn't suppose to.
    "Chris you're
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 20 7
Albert Wesker x Reader ~Part 4~
"Hello I'm Amanda Thomas with tonight's breaking news. A bizarre murder has occurred in Raccoon City, late last night. The Victims, a man his wife and daughter, were attacked and killed  in their homes. It is believed to be the work of a group or cult who are cannibals. It is thought that they broke into their victims home around 11pm, killed and ate their victims. There are no know suspects at this time, we will broadcast more as it develops, John?.. Thank you Amanda, there is a big storm heading our way so-"
Murders, people being eaten? What the heck is going on. Maybe I should ask someone to give me a ride home at night instead of walking. I should buy a taser, that dinky pepper spray isn't going to work on a group of people trying to eat me, I could have been the one on tonight's news instead of that poor family, you thought as your eyes and ears were glued to the television screen and you clutch
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 18 5
Albert Wesker x Reader ~Part 3~
    This job isn't as intense as my last one but then again this job has its crazy moments too, you thought as you typed up some written notes for Rebecca this isn't hand writing this is chicken scratch. It has been about two months since you first started working here and you noticed that Wesker was exceptionally nice to you as compared to the others.
Chris has come to be a very good friend he has given you a  ride to work everyday, your car wasn't broken it was dead. When you and Chris went to the mechanic you learned that your car's transmission was shot, battery was about to die and the fan was about to fall off, considering how your ex used the car before you left you didn't doubt that he fucked it up. you payed the mechanic for his work and had the car towed to the nearest junk yard.
You've also learned that Chirs has a rather big crush on the women you met on your first day who you later learned was named Jill. For
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 15 3
Albert Wesker X Reader ~Part 2~
Wesker straightened himself the closer he got to the trio, almost like an alpha reminding the pack who was in charge. Jill had to jog a couple of steps to keep up with Wesker's brisk pace. I'm certain I can charm her quiet easily, she looks innocent enough so this shouldn't be hard, Wesker thought as his attention was locked onto your figure. 
    A few feet away from you noticed two people approach you, one was a man he looked young but not too young. You couldn't really estimate his age. He had blonde hair, maybe a little dirty blonde but not too noticeable, that was slicked back. He was tall maybe around 6'1, and he looked fit like he worked out a lot but not enough for him to gain too much mass. He wore black pants, a blue button up and a black vest over that.
Everything seemed normally about him, he looked like a normal attractive man except for the black sun glasses. dude your indoors, he might be a creep or something, wait no he could have some sort
:iconkidd0o:kidd0o 23 4
Mature content
Albert Wesker x Reader ~PART1~ :iconkidd0o:kidd0o 17 2
[RE1] Albert Wesker x Reader - Revenge
Requested by StellaGamer332
It all started with a can of Pepsi.
Chris asked you to buy him a can of soda from the vending machine down the hall for the fifth time this week, and it was starting to piss you off. You had already wasted 7.50 on Chris' cans of soda, only to get nothing in return. If he asked you one more time, he was going to get it.
“Hey [Name], can you buy me a can of Pepsi?” Chris asked for the sixth time.
You rolled your eyes. “Again, Chris?”
“Please?” He begged. “I'm so thirsty!”
“Fine. You owe me one, Redfield.” You replied with an exasperated sigh, but inside you were fuming.
Six damn times he had to ask you to buy him a soda. Was Chris seriously that lazy?
It was payback time.
You walked down the hallway, taking your sweet time until you go to the vending machine, where you found your captain already standing there.
He bought a bag of chips before he noticed you standing to the side.
:iconhybrid-theory-0:hybrid-theory-0 15 5
[RE1] Albert Wesker x Reader - Staring
“Nice shot, [Name].” Chris commented.
You flashed him a grin. “Looks like all the time I spent here at the firing range paid off.”
Chris shrugged. “Maybe, but you're still not as good of a shot as me.”
You rolled your eyes and punched his shoulder, making him wince. “I can still kick your ass in hand-to-hand combat, Redfield!”
“Ow! Jeez, [Name], you don't have to remind me!”
“Aww, is poor little Chris butthurt that a girl half his size can kick his ass?” You teased.
Your friend rolled his eyes. “Shut up, [Name].”
You smirked. [Name] 1, Chris 0.
Chris glanced at his watch. “Oh shit, it's almost noon! I have to meet Claire soon. Are you staying here?”
You nodded. “Yeah. I'm going to continue training so I can finally become a better marksman than you.”
“Pfft, sure. Not gonna happen, [Name]!” Chris called over his shoulder. “In your dreams, maybe!
:iconhybrid-theory-0:hybrid-theory-0 40 6
[RE1] Albert Wesker x Reader - Height Difference
You idly flipped through a Game Informer magazine as you tried to distract yourself from your job- filing paperwork. You were supposed to be filing paperwork for your S.T.A.R.S. team, but it was too hot in the office to concentrate on such a mundane task. The air conditioning was on the fritz yet again.
You groaned and fanned yourself with your magazine, hoping it would cool you off. Unfortunately, you only succeeded in fanning more humid air in your direction.
You sighed. Your shirt was already starting to stick to your back. Why did the AC have to fuck up today, of all days?
As you fanned yourself, you looked around the office. Most of your team had the same idea.
Jill was sitting in front of a small, portable fan, Chris was holding a can of Pepsi to his face, Barry was fanning himself with a crudely made paper fan, and Wesker was... nowhere to be seen. There was no trace of him or his infamous sunglasses anywhere.
All of a sudden, you felt your magazine get tugged out
:iconhybrid-theory-0:hybrid-theory-0 50 11
Albert Wesker x Reader ~ The Perfect Creature (5)
It was dark like in the beginning of your previous life. However, there were precipitously strange tremors spreading around you. A sudden sensation brought you back to life. As you opened your eyes, there was that familiar light, tempting you to take those necessary steps. It was like a déjà vu, apart from the fact that you knew what was behind its beauty.
“The only thing I have to do now… Is to start your rebirth. See you later, my perfect creature.”
Your eyes widened while memories wandered inside your head. You became more and more aware of your surroundings and you, panicking, tried to get out the capsule. But it was useless: its glass walls were unbreakable. After minutes of fighting, you just sank to the bottom of the cell. The only thing to do was to wait. Gradually the waterline lowered around you and finally disappeared. You sighed from exhaustion and faced the person behind the glass walls. Snarling, you stared at him right into the eyes. Ev
:iconvaleriealtaira:ValerieAltaira 23 6
Albert Wesker x Reader ~ The Perfect Creature (4)
”This cannot be true!! I have to get out!!”
You tried to find an alternative escape route. It seemed to you that there wasn’t any way out. But it was sure that lock could broke any time. In panic, you looked around and noticed files on a table. You took them, trying to find a place where you were able to check them without rushing.
“The duct…!”
“FINE…If you don’t give me any other choice…”
He crashed the door and glared at you. As he was going to catch you, you jumped on top of the table and swung the lid of the duct right in front of him, making him jump out of the way. Recovering from that took some time from him, so you managed to get some time to escape from him. As you hopped inside the duct, you heard a load sigh and a click of a loaded handgun.
“I find your will of surviving from this very admirable, my dear”
His bittersweet laugh echoed through the duct, making you
:iconvaleriealtaira:ValerieAltaira 31 11
Albert Wesker x Reader ~ The Perfect Creature (3)
In the operation room you were sitting in the corner while Wesker and Birkin were debating about something quietly. They said nothing excessive, only watched some test results and had a conversation of them which were none of your business. Their actions were highly dubious but you made a promise for them when you decided to obey their rules and stand by their side. The sudden waking, broken memories and flashbacks, short-tempered guardians that were ready to kill you quickly even they didn’t know anything of you… almost everything was fuzzy. But one thing was clear: There was an unspoken reason for it all.
“Now we can start, miss.  It’ll hurt a little bit but don’t be afraid”, Birkin said as he turned around.
He had a syringe in his right hand. It made you gasp a little bit because you remembered all atrocity you had met before your waking. Reluctantly you gave him your hand and he carefully sunk the needle in your arm, looking you in the eyes.
:iconvaleriealtaira:ValerieAltaira 31 21
Albert Wesker x Reader ~ The Perfect Creature (2)
Once again, you opened your eyes. The sudden waking from your “eternal” unconsciousness has drained you both physically, mentally and emotionally so sleeping was the best way to restore your energy and vitality. You realized quickly that the man with sunglasses and Birkin were back. As you sensed their ominous, creepy stare behind you, you got up as quickly as possible.
>>Oh my god… Did I sleep in a situation such as this…!?<<
They realized quickly how hard it is to keep a straight face while you looked so terrified. It was so easy to recognize their amusement.
”Do I frighten you?”
asked the mysterious blonde. It seemed that keeping a straight face was much easier for him than for Birkin, who tried so hard not to laugh. Their actions, especially Birkin's, irritated you.
“Of course you do, you bastard...!”
you said bluntly and realized that now you were able to speak. You shut your mouth immediately. You didn't remember
:iconvaleriealtaira:ValerieAltaira 42 20


I love how everything looks and how it makes me feel and I'm curious on how you are able to create this with you standing on the floati...





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